A Day at the Shop

You never know who will walk in the door when you open for business. There are days when you are wondering if anybody will come in and find your choices of merchandise are exactly what they are looking for, or those who just want to browse or kick tires as they say. My kind of store and where I am, in a very small town with very few retail stores, I am sort of a social destination for people who have traveled to places where my items came from, or just because they would like to pass the time connecting with other people. Nonetheless, its always interesting and a learning experience. Take one day, a well known author of books on Japanese culture walked in with a very accomplished weaver who specializes on the type of textiles and fabrics I carry. The weaver only spoke Japanese but the author translated  and we all got on famously and had a delightful exchange of knowledge and experiences, which made my day and hopefully theirs too, and they found a bauble or two to take with them.

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