Vintage Japanese Glass Lidded Jars (Ten) with Stand, circa 1930's

Set of ten (10) glass storage jars on an aluminum stand. Oblong shaped jars with metal lids inscribed, "Yoshida & Co. Osaka". Definitely Japanese and most probably used in a shop that sells small items, could even be tea as the lock mechanism is very tight. In its original condition when acquired; jars have been cleaned but the lids were left as is. A fantastic accessory for a kitchen, establishments that cater to confectioners or dry goods - actually could be used for just about anything. In absolutely perfect condition. A very rare item, seldom found. Circa pre-World War II, 1930's. Each jar:  5 1/2" wide x 7" tall x 19" deep, set of 10 with stand measure overall 31 1/2" wide x 18" tall x 19" deep.