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March 21, 2020


Guillermina Shop Schedule Amid COVID-19

Dear friends,

In this trying and unsettling time, thinking of everyone’s health and safety, we have decided to close the shop for now until such time as the threat diminishes. 

In the meantime, if you feel in need of easing stress and cabin fever, we are always available to a one-on-one appointment, or you can always browse our website.

Email to set up an appointment with us.

Shelter in, be careful, stay healthy!

- Guillermina

April 19, 2019

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What is a “Tansu” ?

Tansu, A generic term for chests.  Tansu comes in various shapes, sizes and function.  Isho dansu is to store clothing, Mizuya , literally means “water room” is the Japanese word for a kitchen chest.  The kaidan dansu (staircase chest) is probably one of my favorite tansu.  They were used for access to upstairs, the drawers for storage .  There are wheeled chests(Kuruma dansu), heavy duty used to store family heirlooms, Ship’s chest (funadansu),carried the Captain’s ship papers and coins. Kodansu are small chests,  Medicine chest (Kusuri dansu), Cho-dansu(Merchant chest), Katana-dansu(sword chest), Chadansu(tea chests), And then there are the boxes, zenibako(accountant’s box), saisenbako(temple offertory boxes), getabako(shoe cabinet) haribako(sewing box).  Tansu have very distinctive metalwork, handforged iron handles and depending on the area they were made, elaborate design metal plates.


June 30, 2014


the Guillermina story...

WHAT’S IN A NAME . . . ?

Why Guillermina? An Asian antique store with a Spanish name? Well, I am Filipino by birth and most of us have Spanish names because the Philippines was discovered and colonized by the Spaniards for more than three centuries. I was named after my grandfather, Guillermo, William in English, Guillaume in French. 

I acquired my love for Japanese art in the 1980’s and haven’t wavered since. Being Asian, of course I have an affinity for my culture and travel broadened my taste and heightened my eye for beautiful, creative works of art, which I try to bring to my shop.

Come by and visit the brick and mortar store in historic downtown Point Richmond, California, just north of San Francisco on the bay, or enjoy perusing the new online store.