Guillermina Emy LaFever arrived in Point Richmond in 1997 and instantly fell in love with the sleepy, charming little town by the San Francisco Bay. Her quirky, unique and carefully selected art and furnishings with Asian emphasis found a home and an appreciative audience.  

Since then, her merchandise and taste have evolved, tailoring itself to the town and changing clientele’s taste. The beautiful Japanese tansu and “Mingei” accessories have been enhanced with tastefully acquired jewelry, contemporary art, prints, textiles and objects d’art. What is so fabulous about this definitely “one of a kind” store is the range of prices that can and will accommodate everyone’s pocketbook.

No only does Guillermina provide good quality affordable merchandise – with it comes honest and knowledgeable service. Our trained and well informed staff will always greet you with a smile!

Guillermina continues to travel the world, acquiring and merchandising her incredible collection for 35 years. With no signs of slowing down, Guillermina and her amazing collections just keep getting better!